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Commercial Appraisal Services

The scope of an appraisal is the systematic research and analysis necessary to reach a value conclusion for the subject property.

Property Tax Consulting

An analysis of tax assessment methodology and comparable tax assessments to advocate the client’s position for the purpose of tax relief. This service is typically conducted on a fixed fee basis or a contingent fee basis, whereby compensation is a percentage of future tax savings.

Real Estate Brokerage

One of the most significant and most times complex event in someone’s life is the purchase or sale of an investment property. Due to the importance of this transaction, you need someone who you can trust and rely on to get you the best possible deal in current market conditions. Kenny & Associates would love to help and serve you in analyzing the market, doing in-depth research, and getting you the best deal possible. With a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in Georgia, especially around metro Atlanta, we would work with you to understand your specific needs and desires in order to find the best possible property for you. Our team is very familiar with local zoning and tax laws as well as where to find financing for the purchase of a property.

Real Estate Consulting

Kenny & Associate’s superior market intelligence can greatly affect decisions and maximize your profitability. If you have any real estate questions or need consulting work on any type of property, we would love to help. Real Estate Consulting includes, but is not limited to Highest and Best Use Studies as well as Market and Feasibility Analysis:


1. Highest and Best Use Studies: An analysis to determine: 1. legally permissible, 2. physically possible, 3. financially feasible, and 4. maximally productive use for which a site or property could be utilized. For land, highest and best use analysis could development with a specific use. For improved property, a highest and best use study could reveal the need for renovation, conversion, or redevelopment as the maximally productive use.


2. Market and Feasibility Analysis: The delineation of a particular market to determine optimal use and the analysis of a specific use within a market to determine feasibility. Kenny & Associates will study and analyze a market to determine existing and future supply and demand factors to determine potential uses within a market. Kenny & Associates will also analyze a proposed or existing use within a market to determine that it will meet specific investment criteria.

 We provide service to the following property types:

– Office Buildings
– Retail Buildings
– Industrial Buildings
– Apartment Buildings & Complexes
– Industrial Condominiums
– Office Condominiums
– Retail Condominiums
– Hotels & Motels
– Mixed-Use
– Self-Storage Facilities
– Car Washes
– Vacant Land
– Shopping Centers (Regional, Community,    Neighborhood)
– Religious Facilities
– School Facilities
– Restaurants
– Nursing Homes
– Subdivisions (Commercial, Residential, Industrial)
– Convenience Stores
– Gas Stations
– Multi-Family Residential


Special purpose property types include, but are not limited to:

– Rock Quarries
Golf Courses
Historic Properties
– Hangars
Power Plants
Special Events Facilities

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